Geoscience Director

Expertise in basin geology, petrography, sedimentology, mineralogy and diagenesis
• Basin synthesis with interdisciplinary approach, integration of data from outcrops, airborne/land geophysics and well data (wireline logs / borehole imaging and cores).
• Geological concepts and input data for geo-models dedicated to exploration and resource assessment
• Rock analysis and interpretation (Mineralogy, petrography, Geomechanics, Organic geochemistry, Sedimentology and diagenesis)
Application domains
• Conventional and unconventional Oil and Gas Exploration
• Field development
• Mineral resources exploration
• Nuclear waste geological storage
• Green energies / Environment
• Executive management of research institute and consulting company
• Leading and supervision of geoscientific divisions
• Project management, project quality control, internal and external peer assist/review
Business / Commercial
• Business development, definition of commercial strategy, setting-up of partnership, commercial canvassing
• Identification of new commercial “niches” and development of the tailored and innovative products
• Contract negotiation, technical and financial proposal
• Tutor in sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy, courses and field trips for geoscientist
• Supervision of R&D projects and PhD students for oil and gas, CO2 storage and renewable energies
• PETREL, basin modelling softwares (NOVVA 1D, PetroMod, Temis),
• Drawing softwares for concepts illustration, schemes and syntheses (Adobe Illustrator, Canvas)
• Microsoft word, Excell and Power Point
Innovation with oil & gas and mining application
• 2015, C. Rigollet & A. Hoffman, Rock cuttings geomechanical analysis (combination of QEMSCAN – Nanoindentation)
• 2019, C. Rigollet & E. Pizzo, High resolution geological mapping with drone spectr-gamma support (GammaMapperTM)