Natural hydrogen E&P has entered a new phase

Natural hydrogen E&P has entered a new phase. After the pioneering exploration of Hydroma in Mali, then NH2 in the United States, and despite a slight slowdown during the covid period, the number of permits issued has proliferated.

Australia, South Australia to be precise, was the first State to adapt its law, followed by several others. France has recognized H2 as a natural resource since 2022, Colombia is working on a new law, but applications for exploration permits also exist in other countries such as Kosovo and Spain. Meanwhile, some States or regions are working on a global assessment of their potential, as in Australia, Morocco, Quebec and the New Aquitaine region. Although data on H2 in the subsurface is still lacking in many basins, the key question now is more how to find an accumulation than where H2 could be generated. Wells targeting H2 reserves will be drilled before the end of 2023 in Australia and the US.

Today, many companies have operating blocks, and many service companies also have dedicated H2 well drilling and exploration tool offerings. Methods and tools to characterize the potential of H2 generating rock and to model the H2 migration and accumulation are also emerging.

After two years of virtual HNAT, it’s time to get together and talk about our practices, our current and future drillings, and our doubts. The two days of HNAT 2023 in Australia will cover all these different aspects: governments, operating and services companies will be there, as well as research centers working on the topic.

As we all know, legislation is fundamental, and representatives of States in favor of natural H2 E&P will be on hand to explain their approach and how to apply for licenses on their countries.

Whether you’re already involved in exploration or a neophyte looking to understand what’s going on, Hnat-2023 in Perth is the place for you. Come and meet the key players in the sector and familiarize yourself with this new industry

The story begins, and it’s up to you to choose to join us!