HNAT For R&D Organisations

Are you a research organization pushing the boundaries of natural hydrogen technology?

HNAT 2024 is the premier event designed to connect you with a global network of industry leaders, potential partners, and the latest advancements shaping the future of clean energy.

Your Profile

As a leading Research organization, you're at the forefront of groundbreaking research in natural hydrogen exploration, production, storage, transportation, and utilization. Your mission is to understand the geology and the physics of the phenomena and develop innovative solutions with the potential to revolutionize the clean energy landscape.

Your Business Goals

  • Showcase your cutting-edge research: Present your latest findings and breakthroughs to a global audience of industry stakeholders.
  • Forge strategic partnerships: Connect with natural hydrogen E&P companies, technology providers, and end users to accelerate your research.
  • Discuss with your alter ego and discover what they are doing
  • Influence industry direction: Engage with policymakers and industry leaders to shape regulations and standards that prioritize innovation and technological advancements.

Your Business Challenges

  • Staying aware about the research results and data acquired in the other research groups
  • Limited commercialization pathways: Finding partners to do your researches and to translate it into commercially viable technologies.
  • Staying ahead of the curve: Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving natural hydrogen market and identifying new research areas with high impact potential.

Your Reasons To Attend

  • Present your research on a dedicated platform, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange with peers.
  • Discuss with the main operating companies and learn what they target in the various countries where exploration is active
  • Targeted Networking Events: Connect with potential partners from natural hydrogen producers, technology providers, and end users interested in co-developing and deploying your innovations.
  • Policy Forums & Workshops: Engage with policymakers and industry leaders to shape regulations and funding mechanisms that prioritize research and development efforts.

Who You'll Meet

  • Alterego from the natural H2 research ecosystem all over the world
  • Natural Hydrogen E&P companies: Build relationships with leading producers seeking innovative solutions to optimize their extraction, transportation, and storage processes.
  • Explore co-development opportunities to validate your research in real-world production environments.
  • Technology Providers: Connect with technology companies specializing in hydrogen exploration, storage, transportation, and utilization.
  • End Users: Gain insights into the specific needs and challenges faced by end users in various industries considering natural hydrogen adoption.
  • Policymakers & Funding Bodies: Advocate for increased research funding and supportive policies that incentivize innovation across the natural hydrogen value chain. Connect with funding bodies actively seeking promising research projects to propel the development of clean energy solutions.