HNAT For Policy Makers

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As a policymaker, you play a critical role in establishing regulations and incentives that drive innovation and facilitate the adoption of clean energy solutions.
HNAT 2024 provides a platform to engage with the natural hydrogen ecosystem and craft effective policies.

Your Business Goals

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of natural hydrogen: Deepen your understanding of the technical aspects, economic feasibility, and environmental benefits of natural hydrogen.
  • Develop effective policy frameworks: Engage with industry leaders and researchers to identify key challenges and opportunities in the natural hydrogen market. This will inform the development of targeted policies that incentivize infrastructure development, research & development, and widespread adoption.
  • Foster industry collaboration: HNAT provides a neutral platform to facilitate discussions and collaboration between industry stakeholders - producers, technology providers, end users, and researchers. This ensures your policies reflect the diverse needs across the natural hydrogen value chain.
  • Stay informed about the latest advancements: HNAT offers access to the latest research findings, technological breakthroughs, and market trends impacting the natural hydrogen sector.

Your Business Challenges

  • Balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability: Crafting policies that promote the development of a clean hydrogen economy while ensuring economic competitiveness and affordability.
  • Uncertainties about the potential of this new resource and how it may impact the energy mix of your countries helping to its decarbonation.
  • Navigating the evolving technological landscape: Staying informed about the rapid advancements in natural hydrogen production, storage, and utilization to develop future-proof policies.
  • Ensuring a just transition: Developing policies that address potential job displacement in traditional energy sectors while fostering workforce development opportunities in the clean hydrogen economy.
  • Building public and industry consensus: Gaining public and industry support for new policies that may require infrastructure investments and behavioral changes.

Your Reasons To Attend

  • Policy Forums & Workshops: Engage in discussions with industry leaders, researchers, and stakeholders to identify critical policy issues and develop collaborative solutions.
  • Dedicated Sessions on Policy Development: Learn from case studies and best practices from leading countries and regions successfully implementing natural hydrogen policies.
  • Networking Events: Connect with industry stakeholders to gain insights into their specific needs and concerns regarding policy frameworks.
  • Exhibits & Technology Demonstrations: Gain firsthand knowledge of the latest advancements in natural hydrogen technologies to inform your policy decisions.

Who You'll Meet

  • Industry Leaders: Connect with CEOs, executives, and technical experts from leading natural hydrogen producers, technology providers, and end users. Gain valuable industry perspectives to inform your policy decisions.
  • Researchers & Academics: Engage with leading researchers and academics at the forefront of natural hydrogen development. Their insights into the latest scientific breakthroughs can help you craft future-oriented policies.
  • International Policymakers: Network with policymakers from other countries and regions to learn from their experiences and best practices in developing and implementing successful natural hydrogen policies.
  • Investors & Financial Institutions: Connect with investors and financial institutions actively seeking promising ventures in the natural hydrogen space. This fosters collaboration to develop innovative financing mechanisms that can support policy implementation.