Bandar Ghassal

26 novembre 2024 - 09h00 - 10h00
What is happening in Middle East? - Geological habitats of natural hydrogen in the arabian peninsula
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60 MIN

Natural hydrogen (gold or white) is naturally generated through several geological or biological processes.
Recent discoveries of natural hydrogen accumulations in Mali, Australia, France, and the USA, within
different geological settings, have sparked growing interest in unlocking this new natural resource over
the past five years. The importance of this resource comes from the expected low-cost production, as it
does not require generation or storage compared to other types of hydrogen such as green and blue
hydrogen, and anticipated low-carbon footprint of production. It will likely contribute to the future energy
demand, where hydrogen plays an integral role in the energy mix.

The current research provides an overview of the potential geological settings in the Arabian Peninsula
that can act as natural hydrogen habitats. The Arabian Peninsula contains numerous geological settings
spanning the Neoproterozoic to recent geological ages with convoluted tectonic settings, accentuating it
as a high potential area for natural hydrogen habitat. It has massive distributions of volcanic fields,
ophiolite complexes, hydrothermal systems, igneous intrusives and metamorphic and sedimentary
settings. The study discusses the various natural hydrogen plays associated with each habitat, focusing on
each play's advantages and challenges. It elucidates the best practices for exploring and assessing each
play while highlighting the technology gaps and recommended solutions. The provided review will
demonstrate for the first time potential natural hydrogen settings in this significant part of Gondwana and
the Tethys basin through a long geological time.

Bandar Ghassal


Chief Technologist

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