HNAT For Tech Providers

Are you a company pioneering innovative solutions for natural hydrogen E&P?

HNAT 2024, the 4th edition of this premier event, is designed to connect you with a global audience of key decision-makers, potential partners, and the latest advancements shaping the natural hydrogen market.

Your Profile

As a technology provider, you're at the forefront of the clean energy revolution. You develop cutting-edge solutions for hydrogen exploration, production, storage, transportation, integration, or any aspect of the natural hydrogen value chain.

Your Business Goals

Showcase your technology solutions: Demonstrate the capabilities of your innovative technologies to a global audience of potential clients and partners.

Secure new contracts and partnerships: Connect with natural hydrogen producers, end users, and infrastructure developers seeking your expertise.

Stay informed about industry trends: Gain insights into the evolving regulatory landscape, technical advancements, and future demand for your technology solutions.

Shape the future of the natural hydrogen market: Collaborate with industry leaders and policymakers to establish standards and ensure the widespread adoption of clean hydrogen technologies.

Your Business Challenges

  • Limited knowledge of the H2 systems from generation to accumulation
  • Limited knowledge of the international ecosystem and operating company landscape
  • Limited market awareness: Raising awareness of your technology solutions amongst potential clients in the nascent natural hydrogen market.
  • Identifying potential partners: Connecting with key players across the natural hydrogen value chain to integrate your solutions into existing infrastructure and production processes.
  • Navigating the evolving regulatory landscape: Understanding and complying with emerging regulations impacting the deployment of new hydrogen technologies.

Your Reasons To Attend

  • High-Value Connections: Network with a targeted audience of key decision-makers. This includes natural hydrogen producers seeking your cutting-edge solutions, end users eager to integrate your technologies, and infrastructure developers needing compatible components for a robust hydrogen network.
  • Fast-Track Market Adoption: Gain insights from industry experts on the evolving regulatory landscape. HNAT provides a platform for you to engage with policymakers directly, shaping regulations that favor innovation and accelerate the commercialization of your technologies. 
  • Attract Investors & Secure Funding: Showcase your groundbreaking solutions to a pool of investors actively seeking promising ventures in natural hydrogen. HNAT is the perfect platform to secure the funding you need to bring your innovations from prototype to market dominance.

Who You'll Meet

  • The research ecosystems that develops the understanding of the generation and migration of H2 in subsurface.
  • Natural Hydrogen E&P companies: HNAT brings you face-to-face with decision-makers from leading natural hydrogen production companies. Discuss technical specifications of your technology in detail and explore pilot project opportunities to demonstrate your solutions' effectiveness.
  • End Users: Connect directly with companies seeking reliable access to natural hydrogen. Understand their specific needs and tailor your solutions to address their challenges. HNAT is the ideal setting to build relationships and forge partnerships that ensure long-term commercial success.
  • Infrastructure Developers: Collaborate with infrastructure developers to ensure your technology seamlessly integrates into existing and future hydrogen transportation and storage networks. HNAT fosters collaboration to develop a robust and efficient hydrogen infrastructure that can support widespread adoption.
  • Policymakers & Investors: Advocate for supportive policies that incentivize the development and deployment of your innovative hydrogen technologies. Engage with investors actively seeking promising ventures in natural hydrogen, securing the funding necessary to disrupt the market.