Olivier Joubert

Olivier Joubert (1965) is the director of the French Research Network on Hydrogen Energy which assembles the major French academic research groups in the field of electrolysis production and storage of hydrogen and also its conversion to electricity using fuel cell. He is presently full professor in Chemistry of Materials at University of Nantes and is Chair of electrochemical storage and conversion of energy group (ST2E) of "Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel (CNRS-IMN)". The major research interests of professor JOUBERT revolve around development of new materials for technological applications such as high and intermediate temperature ceramic Solid Oxide (SO) fuel or electrolyser cells (SOFC and SOEC). He is co-author of 120 publications, 25 invited talks and 5 patents.

Funding research on hydrogen is critical to advancing clean energy technologies and reducing our carbon footprint. Governments and private sectors are investing significantly in hydrogen research to develop efficient production, storage, and utilization methods. These investments aim to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy sources, promoting energy security and environmental benefits. Collaborative international efforts are also essential to share knowledge and drive innovation. Continued financial support will be pivotal in overcoming technical challenges and making hydrogen a viable and competitive energy solution. The objective of this presentation is to provide all participants with an overview of the various funding opportunities for hydrogen-related research.

Olivier Joubert

French Research Network on Hydrogen Energy


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